The Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council
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What Does the Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council(AFN NYC) do?

The AFN NYC have many functions but some of the things we have been called upon to do over the past few years are the following:

  • Act as an advocate for youth issues at the national level.
  • Act as an Advisory the Assembly of First Nations on how youth feel on various issues such as language, Suicide, non traditionalTobacco usage, and AFN renewal commision.
  • Promote and create opporutnites for youth at the regional level. 

 How often do the AFN NYC meet?

AFN NYC meet anywhere from 3 to 5 times a year usually. Our meeting times vary with the exception of the AFN Annual General Assembly which usually takes place in July and the AFN Special Chiefs Assembly in December. The other meetings that AFN NYC hold are usually dependent on the funding situation, and joint effort between other departments at AFN. How do representatives for the AFN NYC get selected to represent their region?

How are representatives that sit on the AFN NYC selected by their regions?

What we at AFN NYC strive for is to have the youths select who their representatives are themselves through regional youth councils. This however, is not always possible because of funding restraints. Where no regional youth councils exist the practice has been that Regional Chiefs select youth from their region that they best exhibits leadership qualities.

How do I become a member of the AFN NYC?

Membership of AFN NYC in the past has not been a major issue because we have always had the position that we represent the First Nations youth both on and off reserve regardless of given membership; however we are currently taking steps to create membership via webmail for all those interested in getting monthly updates on AFN initiatives involving youth.  



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