The Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council
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Jaime Battiste

First Nation:



Eskasoni, Nova Scotia



Favourite Quote:

In order to have a balanced understanding of where your going you have to know where you've Been (Late Kji Keptin Alex Denny )

Hello my Name is Jaime Battiste, I've been on the AFN NYC for almost 4 years now.   I was selected by my regional chief as the Nova Scotia representative and was selected by the AFN NYC as the Eastern Executive representative .   I have my Bachelor of Arts and Public Administration Certificate from Breton University, as well as a Law Degree from Dalhousie.  

I am currently a lecturer at Cape Breton university. I believe our culture is important and that is why I am proud that I speak my Mi'kmaq Language fluently. I am passionate about Aboriginal rights in Canada, I believe that youth need to educate themselves about issues relating to their nation and that Aboriginal youth should know where they have been as a nation to know where they are heading.   Without going into to much detail about my self I like to have fun and i believe that laughter is the best medicine.  


Sara-Lynne Rose Knockwood

First Nation:



Enfield, NS



Favourite Quote:


My name is Sara-Lynne Knockwood. I have been on the Youth Council for just over a year now, representing Nova Scotia/Newfoundland. I also sit on Nova Scotia Native Women's Association, as well as the Tri-Partite Sport and Recreation Committee in my region.

I am currently finishing my second year in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University. Afterwards, I hope to work in the Health & Wellness field. I am a strong believer in healthy living and hope to help make it more of a priority in First Nations communities.

In the short time with the council, I can see that it is filled with young, intelligent people who are eager to make a difference, and I am proud and honored to be a part of it.


Is there a Regional Youth Group in place?

We are currently in the process of creating an Atlantic First Nations Youth Group.  We  hope to have a youth group in place and organized by June.

What is the structure of the Regional Youth Group?

Not Applicable, question has yet to be determined.

First Nations Youth Networks and Organizations in Region   

Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat (APCFNC)

Federally Incorporated in 1995, APC Secretariat is a Policy Research and Advocacy Secretariat for 33 Mi’kmaq and Maliseet and Passamaquoddy Chiefs, Nations, and Communities in Eastern Canada. APC Secretariat advocates speaking with one voice on behalf of the communities and, through research and analysis, developing and tabling before the Congress and federal policy decision makers policy alternatives for matters affecting First Nations communities in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Maine, USA. Ten members sit on the APC Secretariat Board of Directors; a co-chair from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and eight Board members. 

APC has spent time developing a youth strategy for an implementation of an Atlantic First Nations Youth group, APC are looking forward to consulting with youth over the next few months and implementing the youth strategy to ensure youth empowerment.   

Mi'kmaq Youth Recreation and Active Circle of Living(MYRACL)  

MYRACL is an acronym that stands for Mi'kmaw Youth, Recreation & Active Circle for Living, which has been registered in the Province of Nova Scotia as a not for profi incorporated entity since 2004 but has been in operation since 1997.  Our organization receives it's mandate through the support of the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Chiefs and it's communities and has officially been funded and recognized through the Tripartite Forum as one of its Working Committees. 

Through these partnerships in government, we have been able to generate funding and human resource support to help assist MYRACL in achieving its goals and objectives for each fiscal year.

Obviously, a huge reason for our initiatives is the steadily growing population of our communities, and specifically our youth here in Nova Scotia.  In view of this population growth, there are continuous needs that have to be addressed by our organization to our people in the areas of fitness, sports, recreation, culture and social.  Considering that over fifty (50) percent of our population are individuals under the age of twenty-five (25) years of age and that a majority of this population is facing tremendous statistical health issues, MYRACL is positioning itself to help try to make positive changes take place towards healthier, active lifestyles.


Native Alcohol and Drug Awareness Counciling Association(NADACA)

We are now into our 24th year of public service to the native community and it seems to have been a period of continuous adjustment to new problems. In recent years, we have made some real progress in curbing the alcohol problem and, though still a major concern, it has now taken a back seat to illicit drugs and other forms of chemical abuse. Initially, alcohol was generally seen as an adult problem but that is no longer the case. Now, we see children, often preteens, drawn into the depths of chemical addiction. As the illicit drug problem surfaced in the early eighties, we quickly moved to retrain staff so they could better deal with this new phase of addiction. Seeing a need to reach people before they became addicted, we began to place a greater emphasis on education, especially among young people. And, in the mid-eighties, we made a bold move into the treatment field, which gave the Association the status of a full service agency. We now feel we are winning the war against all forms of substance abuse. And, more important, we are winning back our self-respect and our ideals as a proud and noble people.

Mi'kmaq Kinamatnewey(MK)


Eskasoni Culture Recreation & Youth (ECRY)


Eskasoni Culture Recreation & Youth committee (ECRY) purpose is to promote a healthy, holistic, and enjoyable lifestyle within the Eskasoni First Nations Community.  ECRY focuses on assisting future generations by supporting youth programming and continuously offering quality recreational activities in the community.  ECRY also acts as an advisory to Eskasoni Chief and Council to ensure that initiatives held in the community continue to be organized, consistent, and accountable. ECRY also continues to develop and practice Mi’kmaq values and create a positive change for the Mi’kmaq community. Our Website is under development but we can be reached at 379-1213.

*please note if you wish your organization to be acknowledged in this network do not hesitate to get in touch with either regional AFN NYC representative.





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