The Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council
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Welcome to the Official AFN Youth Website.  To get started, please click  your location on the map below.


Greetings, Kwe', Tansi, Bonjou and welcome to the official home page of the Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council.  Our Continuing mission is to seek out new opportunities for First Nations Youth, to explore new developments in First Nations governments, and to Boldly go where no Indian Youth has gone before.( Well actually not the last part there).   


All humor aside, this page was developed in hopes of better servicing youth activitvies and initiatives in the various regions of the country.  We hope that this  website will assist First Nations youth co-ordinators, youth volunteers, as well as youth persuing their educational goals.  We believe in youth empowerment and giving youth the tools to succeed at the grassroots community level whether that be on reserve or off.  Each region is very different around Canada, and have different mandates and roles. Feel free to explore your region and network with your local youth and groups. 


Please dont forget to sign yourself up to the mailing lists so that we can keep you in touch on further developments within the First Nations community.  Knowledge is power, being informed is important to our future as First Nation people. 





Vision Statement

We as community members and indigenous citizens united in exercising our inherent rights; strive to influence the direction of the Assembly of First Nations through advocacy, equality and working with all levels of Leadership, in creating opportunities for personal development and empowerment for the future of all generations.

"National Unity-Voices from the Community"

1.      All gatherings will be opened and closed with a prayer.


2.      Abide by the National Youth Council Vision Statement and Terms of Reference.


3.      Be respectful to others and their culture and traditions.


4.      Be honest and trustworthy.


5.      Keep in mind the best interests of who you are representing.


6.      Respect the opinions of others.


7.      Be punctual and prepared for all youth council business and meetings.


8.      Be respectful of your surroundings, including

  • our land;
  • cultural objects;
  • hotel and meeting rooms;
  • other’s belongings.


9.      Always provide sufficient notice of availability for all meetings and business.


10. No alcohol or drugs while on youth council business.


11. Fulfill your responsibility to keep your community / territory / region informed.


12. When confidentiality is required or requested, abide by it.


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